Writing Blog Posts – Creating a Clear Structure


Blog posts with a clear blog post structure will ultimately result in higher conversions on your website. If your message has clarity and is properly understood by your audience, you stand a much better chance of visitors buying your products or returning to your website.

So it is really important to think about the structure of your post before you actually start writing. What do I mean by structure?  The structure is simply the skeleton or bare bones of your text which quickly gives a clear picture of what your post is about.

Writing awesome articles may not instantly improve your ranking, but in the long run it will definitely have a positive effect on your SEO! Well structured texts have lower bounce rates and a better chance of receiving social media attention. (more…)

Tips for WordPress Beginners – Make Sure Every Post is a Winner!


Even though I’ve been using WordPress for a long time, I can still discover useful tips and tricks from seasoned WordPress experts – the potential is endless with this platform, it can be tailored for any purpose. (I simply love WordPress! Did you guess?)

WordPress Beginners Tip #1: Start your post from the HTML tab

When adding a new post, your screen displays a posting box which has a tool bar at the top, as well as a “Visual” and “HTML” tab. If you are using Word or something similar to construct your post, then try to paste the text into the “Visual” tab, there will be extra code attached which causes your post to display poorly. Unless you have a working knowledge of HTML, you can spend lots of time tearing your hair out trying to fix the problem. (more…)

Tips for Bloggers: How To Write Blog Content That Markets Itself


When you think about how often blog content is shared across the web, it’s a wonder anyone gets to read your blog posts! For example, there are over one billion Facebook users… approximately one billion tweets are sent on Twitter every couple of days. That means there’s an awful lot of content in the market place… in other words, heaps of noise.

So you need to do more than simply publish your blog content and do typical marketing to connect with your audience and attract leads. Ideally, you need elements in your content itself that makes it stand out from the crowd and attract readers. (more…)

WordPress Tips for Beginners: The top eleven WordPress benefits

wordpress-150x150WordPress is my favourite blogging platform. As you’ve probably guessed from some of my other posts, I love WordPress and think it rocks! WordPress is such a terrific tool to drive traffic to your small business website.

In addition to many other advantages, a WordPress site doesn’t have to look like a blog, and it allows you to manage your content and update your website without any effort. I recently decided to put together a list of the main benefits WordPress has to offer. (more…)