Why WordPress?

Why WordPress is the perfect choice for any business owner

Why Wordpress?

Although WordPress was designed as a platform for blogging, you don't have to use it for blogging. With a few tweaks it can be used to run your website, allowing you complete control to easily publish and change content.


There are plenty of reasons why Wordpress is the perfect choice for any business owner.....


wordpress-seoSearch Engine Optimization

WordPress is made to do SEO well, and provides good search engine optimization right out of the box. Minor tweaking can push your site way up the charts!

complete-control-wordpressComplete Control

No HTML and coding knowledge required. Make changes and updates instantly and in real time. You’ll never have to pay a web designer again!


No more need to hire web developers with hundreds of one-click themes and plug-ins available to extend your website with a multitude of cool, professional features


There are literally thousands of WordPress developers (like LittmansWeb!) out there, and troubleshooting your WordPress problems is only a Google search away!

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visitors-communicationCommunicate with Visitors

Blog comments allow for two-way discussion between you and your readers. They are also full of keyword phrases which helps your site’s search positioning.

reasonable-load-timesMobile & Tablet-Ready

Many WordPress themes recognize the viewing device being used, and display content accordingly. (You can ditch the magnifying glass!)

social-network-friendlySocial Network Integration

You can automatically integrate your blog posts with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. This maintains a high profile for your website and also saves valuable time.

brand-awarenessBrand Awareness

By posting frequently, opportunities for the general public to see your brand identity is multiplied exponentially over the traditional 30 page Web site.