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Our WordPress “Tweaking” Service covers a variety of tasks which may require frequent changes and are simple and quick to implement. Here is a small sample of tasks we can carry out on your WordPress site

wordpress-tweaking-serviceLogo Adjustments: A typical logo adjustment may involve changing the “CSS”, “header.php” or simply adjusting the logo dimensions and re-loading it. Many themes allow Custom CSS to be written to adjust the alignment of the container “div” or the logo module.

wordpress-tweaking-serviceReplace Images: This “tweak”is as simple as specifying the relevant page, and sending us the new image. You specify where you want the new image positioned (left aligned, center or right aligned).

wordpress-tweaking-serviceFooter Adjustment: Your website footer is an important component because it contains vital information, and is repeated on most pages. We can “tweak” your website footer and integrate text, images, contact forms or social media links.

wordpress-tweaking-serviceAdd a Paypal Button: We can add a “donate” button on your wordpress site for Paypal. Our “tweaking” service also includes integrating your donations button configuration on Paypal.

wordpress-tweaking-serviceIntegrate Google Maps: Google Maps enables you to provide website visitors with driving directions and a reference point for your business. We can provide this feature with our “tweaking”service.




The cost of each “tweak” is $50. There are no hidden costs or hourly charges. Payment for your “tweak” is made up-front, and we guarantee a quick turnaround time. Here is how it works:

wordpress-tweaking-serviceStep 1:You contact us on the form below

wordpress-tweaking-serviceStep 2: We respond to your request, and communicate with you to clarify details of the “tweak”

wordpress-tweaking-serviceStep 3: Once the “tweak”is clarified, we accept the project and request your log-in credentials

wordpress-tweaking-serviceStep 4: We complete work on your “tweak” and send you a confirmation

wordpress-tweaking-serviceStep 5: You test your “tweak”to ensure your requirements are met and accept the job

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