Your Website Checkup

Is your website doing its job?

Is your website doing it's job?

Check some of these pointers to ascertain whether or not your website is accessible, clear and easy to use, and likely to attract new customers....


clear-navigationClear Navigation

Does you site clearly show they way to important information like your services and contact information. It shouldn’t take a visitor more than 5 seconds to work this out.

reasonable-load-timesReasonable Load Time

If a site takes forever to load, most people will just get impatient and leave. The “5-second rule” for websites applies here, Website visitors are a fickle bunch, and they need to “get it” in just a few moments!

pleasing-designPleasing Design

Do the colors work nicely? Is everything easily readable and not tiring for the eyes? Make sure your styles and colors are consistent. This can be a major factor in how long any visitor stays on your site.

Interested in working with LittmansWebInterested in working with LittmansWeb

search-engine-friendlySearch Engines

Most people “google” their searches… is your site optimized for it? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can make the difference between getting on page one of Google, or below the first 10 pages.

prominent-logoProminent Logo

People often form an opinion of a company within the first few seconds! Is your company logo prominently displayed on all web pages? Link your logos to your home page and make your website your brand!

unobtrusive-adsUnobtrusive Ads

Make sure you are sparing with ads and integrate them nicely into your site. Ads should always be clear and easy to spot. If you blur the line between ads and content too much, your content may suffer.